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Torres del Paine National Park

Chile’s most well-known national park: Torres del Paine is a must visit in the south of the country. With its formations and geographic reliefs will astonish every tourist that comes to visit. It is a place that holds unique biodiversity in the country with a wide variety of native flora and fauna. It is recognized worldwide because of its impressive landscapes and hiking trail enabled that go through a wide variety of places including magellanic forests, lakes and ponds with imposing glaciers in the surroundings. All this attractions contrast with the main highlight: Torres Del Paine, gigantic granitic mountains that are an icon of the south of Chile. In the park itself several glaciers can be found like Dickson and Grey glaciers; this formations make part of the immense patagonic ice field, the world’s third biggest freshwater reserve. For its natural magnificence this park was named biosphere’s reserve on 1978 by UNESCO, conserving in this way the 240,000 hectares of this natural setting.