“Elqui, where sky is closer”

El Valle del Elqui is known worldwide thanks to its landscapes and night skies. Scientifics and travelers from all around the world come here to observe the cosmos, given the ideal conditions for this activity. From this spot, new galaxies are discovered every year. Our AstroTrip will take you to an outstanding experience, going through the deepest places of Valle del Elqui; with several activities that include visiting town, vineyards, and sharing with the local community in a gastronomic and rich culture experience. The trip culminates with a horse ride into the magic Laguna El Cepo located at the Cordillera de Los Andes. An adventure through a wonderful environment free of human intervention that shines for its geography, where you will found outstanding hills with rich mineral presence accompanied with the local flora and fauna. Several of the main national fauna species are found here: condors, guanacos, vizcachas and foxes. In summary, you will spend 5 days and 4 nights of connection with the nature in one of the main astrologic spots in the world.


El Valle del Elqui is well known for its nice weather. It has over 320 sunny days per year, what makes it a perfect place for astronomy practice. With mostly sunny days and clear sky nights, the observation of stars is one of the highlights of this beautiful valley. During winter rains are not common, but the temperature lows considerably. Some winters snow can be seen covering the hills creating an interesting and beautiful lookout.


Andes Range, Elqui Valley, Coquimbo, Chile


2.000 mts


5 days / 4 nights




September to May



Required equipment

Sleeping bag , pad , Hiking boots ( for more info see recommendations)


physical and medical conditions compatible with physical activity

  • Private transport
  • Expert guide with first aid certification
  • Premiun Accommodation in Pisco Elqui
  • Dinners at day two and three
  • Tent and camping equipment
  • Horses
  • Packhorses
  • Muleteer
  • Breakfast, Dealy Lunch box (sandwich, fruit, granola bars, gatorade and water)
  • Trekking poles
Does not include
  • Personal Equipment (see in recommendations)
  • Insurance


5 Days – 4 Night Trip

Day 1

Departure from Santiago or La Serena to Pisco Elqui town, where we will arrive to our first accommodation site: a luxurious boutique hotel. After settling up and getting some rest, we will head in a road trip towards the deepness of Alcohuaz valley, where the main tourist attraction is Horcon town, a place where local crafts are the highlight. Dinner will be provided back at the hotel. During the night there will be a guided tour to an observatory where astronomy experts will show us the universe through telescopes. A fresh and exciting experience is guaranteed. This activity could be switched due to weather issues.

Day 2

After a deserved rest and a nice breakfast we will visit the rustic vineyard of the exclusive and nice flavored pisco Los Nichos where we will know about the history and processes involved in the preparation of this national beverage. A degustation of this pisco is provided along with lunch. The next destination is Cochiguaz valley, a delightful valley that astonishes its visitors for its beauty and mystic Cochiguaz river that gives life to this sacred and distant place. In this valley it’s located our second accommodation; this afternoon will be perfect to enjoy the place, and to go to El Colorado, location where we will meet our local muleteer Felipe, who will be hour tourist guide through our visit to El Cepo river next day. After a nice dinner with our host Felipe we will make a visit to a temple for a local fire ceremony “Ceremonia de fuego Homa” to ask for protection for our journey to Los Andes next day.

Day 3

We will start at dawn towards the heart of Los Andes, making our way deep in the mountain in a horse ride along the Andean heights through this unexplored valley until we make it to El Cepo River. On this beautiful spot we will camp and enjoy a nice dinner. The highlight of this place is the view: the scene of the river over 3000 meters over the sea level. We will enjoy sharing around a bonfire while we gaze at one of the most amazing sky looks in the world.

Day 4

Right after breakfast, we will do trekking to Laguna Amarilla, journey where will enjoy a privileged overlook of the landscape. Once we get there we will have our box lunch and later take our horses to head back to El Colorado. Delicious local food will be waiting for us. We will get to Pisco again to the last night of the trip, to enjoy the nightlife atmosphere.

Day 5

Breakfast at Alcohuaz valley, to head towards Santiago city. There is an optional stop at Tororalillo beach.


Equipment and Clothing

  • Sleeing bag (available to rent)
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • Shirt, breathable if possible (made of polyester or nylon)
  • Hiking boots, preferably with ankle support
  • Jacket (wool and cotton are not recommended because you will sweat more and it takes more time to dry)
  • Sunscreen
  • Trekking pants, breathable if possible
  • Warm Hat
  • Headlamp